I do not want to insult anyone’s intelligence so I will make it quick, if you are unfamiliar with email auto responders they are basically the little box on people’s website that you put your email in.  On the back end people type up messages and they are sent out to people in a certain order providing them with new and relevant information on the topic of choice.

The two email marketing systems I recommend are Aweber and Mail Chimp.  Full disclosure these are not affiliate links so I see no benefit from you using either.  I use Aweber and it is $19 a month.  Mail Chimp is free to start, but does not have some of the features that Aweber offers.

Alright enough with the boring stuff.  You understand what it is and why it is important right?

Now lets dive into how to use them.  Here is your goal with each email…

1)Educate and establish relevance.  This needs to be interesting and provide value or people will trash it.  You know you go through your email each day and click delete before you even open certian email.  Why? It is junk, an advertisement, or does not provide value.  You want to end up in the read pile not the junk pile.
2)Present a solution.  After you educate and establish relevance you need to provide a solution. Here is where you can use your expertise in the field and give them advice, a solution, or direction.  Do claim to deliver an out of this world result and present no solution.  People appreciate results.
3)Get them to click.  You do not hangout in your email.  You read delete and move on.  So your goal is to get them to click over to a longer article on your website.  Now you have them in your space where they might hangout for a while, read another article and get to know your business.  You hangout on websites you read, delete and move on from your in-box.

I realize this can be a daunting task to take on.  Remember once this system is set up it works even while you sleep.

Here is a great article by Derek Halpern on where to place the email opt-in box on your site The Seven High Converting Places to Add Email Sign Up Forms to Build Your List.

Below is a bonus just for you.  I give this out to my consulting clients when we talk about email opt-ins.  It is an example of an email auto responder I have used in my own gym.   I give you the title of an email then a look into what the body should say…

#1- 7 things you must know before joining a CrossFit Gym
Here you are establishing a relationship and building trust.

#2- Jon’s Amazing Story
-Use this to continue to eliminate fear.  Include two possibly male and female testimonials to show results.
*If you are not a member yet feel free to come in a try out a week for free on us! ( a day, a class, something to get them in the door)

#3- A Community in a Gym?
-Show the value you offer and why it is more then just a gym.  On the third email make an offer!
*If you are not a member yet feel free to come in a try out a week for free on us! ( a day, a class, something to get them in the door)

#4- How to Warm Up for a CrossFit Workout
-Continuing to educate.

#5- The 3 Fundamental CrossFit movements
-Showing them what CrossFit is.  *If you are not a member yet feel free to come in on Saturday and try out a class on us.

#6 The biggest mistake I see in CrossFit Workouts
#7- What to eat before a CrossFit Workout
#8- Post workout Nutrition
#9- Your guide to the kipping pull up
#10- What is Paleo

That is ten weeks of article examples.  If you have a question leave a comment below and I will personally respond.

I hope you enjoyed your four free gifts.

11 Proven Steps to Grow Your Fitness Business

The Testimonial Cheat Sheet

Getting Content to Go Viral

How to Set Up Your Email Marketing Campaign

Next week I have a few questions for you, look for me in your in-box.