Your website is like your air squat.  You can not crossfit without a good air squat and you can not run a business without an excellent website.  The free wordpress blogging days are over.  It is raining CrossFit gyms in certain areas and the first place a new person is going to check out is your website.

You have 0-8 seconds to grab the curious fitness enthusiasts attention.

Product videos can increase conversions up to 144%

A quick A/B test has increased revenue by 16% for some companies.

Now that I listed some info you could probably care less about lets get down to exactly what you need to do.

1) Make Your Unique Selling Proposition Clear

Why are you better? There are other gyms and other trainers so be clear on what sets you apart.  Your unique selling proposition is letting people know why your the best in town. CrossFit Ignite in Sydney does a great job of this.  They state “A Gym Like No Other. Are we for you?”  That alone makes you want to watch their promo video to see what they are all about.  Think about what makes you unique and display it for all your future prospects to see.


2) How to Get Started Button

All CrossFit gyms have a getting started button, but the question is what does it lead too?  A bunch of mumble jumble about training methodology and how to scale workouts.  Do you get five calls a week on how to get started at your gym?  If so you need to re think what is on your “Getting Started” page.

CrossFit Paragon does a great job of laying out step by step instructions.  People want to be told what to do.  They like instructions and easy to follow so steps.


3) Track Your Sh*&

I know this getting a little high tech for some of you whole milk guzzling grizzly bears, but you are a business owners .  There are a great tools to test what people do on your website.  Do they click on the getting started page? or go straight to the coaches tab?  What is the number one thing a new visitor does?  What if you knew the answer and could tweak the video or text on that page to appeal to the beginner and show them just how to get started at your box?  You can and you should.  Google analytics is a great free tool.  If you have it, when is the last time you logged on?  If you do not welcome to 2012.

4) Clear Contact Information

These details need to be found on your home page in under 8 seconds.  There are way too many gyms worried about the new video or a cool picture who need to get their address on the site.  I have talked with two business owners who market to CrossFit gyms.  They hired people to pull off the addresses and phone numbers off every CF site listed on  Believe it or not there were sites with no phone number and no address.

Take notes from CrossFit NYC and CrossFit Paradiso.  They list their contact information in a very easy spot to find.  Check it out and see if you spot it in under 8 seconds.

Your turn. List a killer website in the comments below.