There are three proven ways to create content that gets spread, goes viral, and everyone reads.  Before we jump into that, you must understand the importance of a good subject line.  The reason people read your article is because of the subject line. Why is it irresistible for you to pick up the tabloid at the grocery store? Because copywriters get paid major denero to come up subject lines you can not resist.

Craig Ballantyne of Early to Rise says: “Don’t promise a unicorn and deliver a donkey. Crafty subject lines that get people to open, but then mislead your readers and don’t deliver as promised destroy trust and loyalty.”

It needs to be something that intrigues people, but short and to the point.   Spend time tweaking and testing different words to see which works best.  Do not be frustrated if you tweak your title while you are writing your article it takes time to find the perfect title.

Below I will lay out three types of content that go viral.  Remember we do not need the whole world to see our article.  As a small business owner you want your community to share and spread this so their friends take notice, inquire and latch on to your content.  Viral in your world means getting your gym to talk, share and spread the word about what you wrote.

1) Research

Develop an article that is based on a past study.  No one likes to read those long scientific journals, but if you summarize it they will love spreading the new information.  People want to know the cool stuff, but do not have time to spend an hour reading about it.  There are so many academic journals about nutrition and exercise.  Pick one up read it and summarize it for your clients.  Science makes you look smart.

2) Results Content
This one I absolutely love and it will spread through your community.  In our field as fitness professionals we have numerous opportunities to conduct small studies with current clients.  Track how their weight goes down or squat goes up. Develop a post about your program with before and after pictures.  Show results and talk about current clients and people will want to watch, follow and get involved.

People love a good fight. Check out Coach Mike Boyel’s Squats are bad article .  He takes one of the most well known and liked movements in strength and conditioning and tears it apart. A key point to remember is he does not just say it sucks, he explains why and breaks down his reasons.  It is constructive not destructive.  Negativity is great for attention, but it needs to lead back to something productive. Do not blatantly attack and poke fun at something with nothing to back it up with.  You can start with a negative but you must end with a solution.

If you found this article interesting it would be awesome if you shared it so others could learn these tactics too.

You have the tools now so get to work.  Next week we will show you an awesome tool that most brick and mortar fitness businesses do not even use.  You will not want to miss the power behind this one.

Leave a comment and let me know what type of article you try.  Talk with you next week.